Crochet Hack Tutorial Without Using Cornrows

Crochet Hack Tutorial Without Using Cornrows

We love a big-hair look. And if you don’t have enough time to cornrow your hair before you get started, we’ve got the perfect time-saving hack for you. This is a style that works best with curly or kinky crochets such as Curly Kinky for big curls, or Soft Kinky Crochet for an Afro inspired look.

For this hairstyle, you will need Fishnet wig cup, crochet needle, bobby pins, loose hair and as many packs of crochet hair per your preference.

Step 1: Part hair in the front as preferred. Sleek down your hair into a low bun. For longer hair, you can do four buns around your head. You can then put on the wig cap, making sure to cover all your hair and securing it with bobby pins around the hair.

Step 2: Starting from the back of your head, take a small amount of hair and thread it through the fishnet crochet holes using a crochet needle to help. Tie it down to stay locked to the fishnet.
No need to crochet through every fishnet hole however, make sure that the amount of hair used for each hole is even and that your space is enough to cover up the fishnet when done.

Step 3: Once at the front on either side of the part you made, cut the fishnet. This will reveal the hair underneath.

Step 4: Thread the crochet hair into your hair that is visible on either side of the part for a complete look.

Step 5: Separate the curls or adjust the hair for a fuller ‘fro until you get the look you want and voila! You have your unique crochet hairstyle!

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