Hottest End Of Year Party Hairstyles To Try

It is officially the party after party season, so get your manes ready because no party is complete without dazzling hairstyles – I mean the best party hairstyles. Whether it’s an office party or a red-carpet party, this is your chance to turn heads and strut with confidence.

This is also the season we get to break a few rules and step out of our comfort zone. For instance, instead of your usual office look, do not be afraid to add some color. You could also play around with the length or even go for a curly look instead because this season is all about you. We have rounded up a few looks that will definitely get you in the party mood.

Top Knots

They say true elegance will always leave you remembered and top knots are exactly that. They also allow room for you to play around with, depending on how comfortable you want to feel or how stylish you may want to look. One of the ways to achieve a top knot can be by using an extension, which allows you to play around with your own hair at the front. You can achieve this by using Darling Kinky Long Crochet as an extension.

Top Knot with Extension

Another way to achieve a top knot is through box braids or twists. This can be done by simply getting creative about how you hold the braids up. You achieve this by using Darling Abuja Braids.

Top Knot with Twists

Curls! Curls! Curls!

A woman with curls is unstoppable. This is the perfect look for any end-of-year party that you will be attending. They ooze out confidence and class. No matter how you wear them, this is the one style that you can never go wrong with. If you love your braids but still want some curls, instead of going the hot-water route, hybrid braiding will do the trick. This is one style that you are assured will leave you looking like a goddess. You can achieve this using Darling Abuja Braids and Darling Peruvian Weave Extensions.

You can also choose to go the all curls route, which is fun and perfect for a laid-back holiday party that will allow you to let loose on the dance floor, giving your curly mane the freedom to move with you. You can achieve this using Darling Lulu Curl Crochet.

curly hair- amazing party hairstyle that's a must try

Curly Hair

All Things Afro

Finally, the style that always has your back. If you are planning for a themed party, then this is a sign that you should go for the 90’s look. Not only is it such a great throwback, but you can have all sorts of fun with it. Going for the classic ‘fro? All you need is a few hair accessories and you will be good to go! You can achieve this using Darling Afro Diva Weave.

Channel your inner Ciara this party season by recreating her beautiful afro puffs. Not only are they playful, but they are perfect for any end-of-year party. You can achieve this using Darling Afro Diva Weave.

Afro puff - one of the best party hairstyle you should try out.

Ciara In Her Afro Puffs

It has been a long year and you deserve to have the most fun and look good while at it. Happy Holidays!

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