Kinky Straight Hairstyles To Try ASAP: Featuring Remy Weave

Remy Weave

You’ve met our kinky straight Remy Weave, right? You know, the lightweight one that blends in perfectly with both natural and relaxed hair? The one that can be heat styled? The one-pack solution? Yeah, that one! We’re back with some inspo to show you the many ways you can style your Remy Weave:

1. High Ponytail

High Ponytail


How gorgeous is this? Have the hair up into a really slick high bun at the center of your head. Then install your kinky straight Remy Weave and secure it with pins. You can also sew it on to your hair for even better hold. Edges laid and you’re good to go! Yes Darling yes!

2. Low Curled Ponytail

Low Curled Ponytail


Did we mention that our Remy Weave can be heat-styled? We did? Just checking! Wear  your hair into a low bun. Then add the Remy Weave and use low heat settings to slightly curl the hair. This is an elegant head-turning look. Try it by getting your Remy Weave from

3. Bombshell Curls

Bombshell Curls


If you want to have even more fun, create some bombshell curls on your Remy Weave. You can wear it straight for a few weeks then you can switch it up a bit! Take it from us. Curling your Weave will give you a whole new jaw-dropping look!

Bombshell Curls


You can wear a variation of curly kinky straight hair, by creating imperfect curls on the bottom half of the hair. These will look like lived-in hair and will lean more on the boho side. Effortless babe vibes!

4. Braided Front

Braided Front


You can play around with the front of the hair by creating some cornrows or creating a halo braid for a pretty look. This will have you looking like the goddess you are darling!

Have you tried our Remy Weave yet? We want to see! Once you get your hair done, show us. Don’t forget to tag @darlingkenya for a repost on Instagram 💜 Use the hashtags  #DarlingKenya and #FindYourBeautiful so we can find you.

Head on over to any beauty store near you to shop your Darling products. That, or you  can also shop online at! They will bring it right to you.

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